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This tool was developed to generate the new password strings for users when they reset their password. The goal was to reset the users password to a strong password however none of the functions built in to PHP were sufficiently complex. The generator can be set to create a string any length between 1(1B) and 10240(1MB) characters, if called without any arguments the string generated will be up to 64 characters long.

This page also became a proof of concept for using Server Side Includes to seamlessly include the dynamic output of a php script. Accessing the script in this manner allows for much more control over how the script processes and returns data without exposing the script's address to the end user. The drawback to this method is that it increases the amount of CPU Usage on the webserver since the two pages are combined on the server before being presented to the user agent, unlike AJAX where the combining of the two pages is done using the Users CPU and the server only has to serve the two pages; random.html and the output of random.php.

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Query: http://www.distortedperception.org/toolbox/random.php?

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